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What Business Intelligence Represents


Business Intelligence takes an important place in all Information Technology departments of companies around the world. The results offered by the solutions represent crucial and major issues in the management of corporate activities and strategic decisions. Business Intelligence holds the advantage to be multisectoral, that means that this domain is integrated in all sectors of activity, whether it be Bank, Finance, Insurance, Industry, Tourism, Telecom, Government Institutions, Retail, Luxury. Our company has known a strong economic growth based on this area of expertise.

At NCLS Data Solutions, Business Intelligence represents more than seventy percent (70%) of our business in America, Europe and Asia, more than ninety (90) technology partners and more than ten thousand and five hundred (10,500) job vacancies published on the global level.

Business Intelligence is the key expertise of our company. It is an integral part of our digital transformation mission, our corporate vision and objectives, our adaptation and evolution with the development and progressive integration of future solutions built in the cloud world.

Our Business Intelligence Activities / Trends (% of All Activities)
Solutions Advantages

Why Business Intelligence?

Responsive & Multiplatform Digital Access

All solutions are accessible from a computer, tablet, smartphone and other technological tools.

Data Treatments Automation – Manual to Automatic

All manual data processing and calculations are replaced by automatic data processing.

Information Security Integrated Systems

All applications are developed and integrated with robust confidential data protection systems.

Centralization of Data and Strategic Analysis

Efficient systems allow information and analysis  to be centralised in data hubs.

Faster On Demand Decision-Making Analysis

All inter-active applications allow you to drive analyzes and take faster decisions.

Analytical Productivity Improvement and Increasing

All automated solutions reduce manual report production times and increase the capabilities of analysis scopes.

Customized Design and Dynamic Analytics

All solutions are built and elaborated with innovative designs allowing dynamic uses.

Better Data and Sensitive Information Quality

All solutions are developed with data quality processing treatments components.

100% Guarantee Customer Satisfaction Improvement

All the solutions cause to the improvement of the satisfaction of the customers on their analytical ability.

Missions Roles That We Cover

Our Missions Roles

BI Junior Consultancy

The BI Junior Consultancy covers the technical development of the new solutions and/or the technical maintenance of the existing solutions.

BI Senior Consultancy

The BI Senior Consultancy covers the functional and technical analysis, technical developments, integrations and testing of the solutions.

BI Project Management Consultancy

The BI Project Management Consultancy covers the project management activities and the roles such as BI Project Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master.

BI Architecture Consultancy

The BI Architecture Consultancy covers the designs and maintenances of the the solutions architectures supports documentation and advices.

BI Modeling Consultancy

The BI Data Modeling Consultancy covers the activities of the built and maintenance of the databases and data models schemas representations.

BI Hybrid Consultancy

The BI Hybrid Consultancy covers several of the activities provided by the Junior, Senior, Project Management, Architecture and Modeling Consultancies.

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    NCLS Data Solutions is an independent agency that provides consultancy services in Information Technology (Business Intelligence, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Web Development), Outsourcing Recruitment and Training. NCLS Digital Data Lab enables us to contract a large network of certified talents in order to remain competitive within the data analytics market and provide high performance analytical solutions for our end customers.