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Our dedicated teams develop high-quality projects for our end customers with a high level of professionalism, strong expertise acquired during our many in-house trainings and a clear and precise communication plan. Our teams also respect the confidentiality of all our customers’ data.

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Florian N.

CEO & Owner

15+ Years of Professional Experience – IT & Business Intelligence – International Experience in Canada, UAE, Singapore, Switzerland, Panama

CEO’s Message

Today, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Networking areas and all expertise related to Digital platforms (mobile applications, intranet portals, other web platforms, payment processors, etc.) have become an integral part of the management of all organizations around the world.

Indeed, we see that innovative products and solutions delivered through its expertise constitute a major challenge in managing companies. When creating NCLS Data Solutions in 2016, with extensive international professional experience in the field of Data Analytics gained in Europe, North America and Asia, I set myself the goal of installing, implementing and making Latin American companies aware of the significant value and benefits generated by many solutions digital.

The world of information technology is a world that is constantly changing. As a result, NCLS Data Solutions must constantly adapt its operations to the evolution of digital technologies and the requirements of our end customers. Organizations manage more and more information, which creates an increasing need for data processing and performance analysis using key performance indicators.

Our company’s activities are based on a high level of quality and efficiency of services. NCLS Data Solutions now positions itself as an expert in digital transformation and intends to play an important role in the evolution of the analytics world in the coming years.

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    NCLS Data Solutions is an independent agency that provides consultancy services in Information Technology (Business Intelligence, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Web Development), Outsourcing Recruitment and Training. NCLS Digital Data Lab enables us to contract a large network of certified talents in order to remain competitive within the data analytics market and provide high performance analytical solutions for our end customers.