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Data Science’s solutions go far beyond reporting and data visualization. Most companies adopt Data Science with the objectives of predicting future information, explaining current economic results by qualitative variables, and processing massive amounts of data. Our Statistics and Data Science department now counts for nearly 25% of the company’s overall activity, carrying out innovative projects with high added value for our end customers.

In addition, our company has developed a wide network of partners that allow us to install, develop and integrate high-performance solutions with our customers.

Missions Roles That We Cover

Our Missions Roles

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist has to understand the challenges of business and offers the solutions using data analysis and data processing, is expected to perform predictive analysis.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers are in high demand today. However, the job profile comes with its challenges.


The statistician has a sound understanding of statistical theories and data organization, helps create new methodologies for the engineers to apply.

Data and Analytics Manager

The data and analytics manager oversees the data science operations and assigns the duties to their team according to skills and expertise.

Data Architect

The data architect creates the blueprints for data management so that the databases can be easily integrated, centralized, and protected with the best security measures.

Hybrid Engineer

The Hybrid Engineer covers several of the activities provided by the Data Scientist, Statistician, Data Architect, Data Manager.

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    NCLS Data Solutions is an independent agency that provides consultancy services in Information Technology (Business Intelligence, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Web Development), Outsourcing Recruitment and Training. NCLS Digital Data Lab enables us to contract a large network of certified talents in order to remain competitive within the data analytics market and provide high performance analytical solutions for our end customers.