Mission & Values


Our Vision

We are aware about the current high demand of the customers in data expertise domains such as Business Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science. Professionalism represents for us one fundamental axis that participates in the success of the Digital Transformation projects topics. This axis stands out in several internal values. Rigour is a key competence in any analytical mission. Each individual has to be able to produce deliveries with an organized and structured way. Any data project must be carried-out by professionals that apply rigor in their daily tasks. Transparency represents a fundamental value as well. With the objective to install a sustainable confidence between the company and final clients, we constantly exchange and share our expertise. Competence and Knowledge represents an essential prerequisite within the data world to make performant and innovative solutions.


Our Mission

We play an important role in the Digital Transformation phase within the companies. Today, thousands of businesses have a main priority: make strategic decisions quickly and effectively with one objective that is to offer new products or services for their clients. These decisions must be taken to increase financial results. Our company occurs in the pre-phase of these decision-making. We produce analytical solutions. We manage data from any kind of applicative system. We transfer and calculate data in order to obtain key performance indicators (KPI). We develop and provide easy-to-use interactive web applications that allow to analyze data in real time. We are able to build automated reports of data. In order to develop our activities, we organize online and onsite trainings about topics that turn around data world.


Our Services

We develop Information Technology solutions, with a specialization in Business Intelligence and Data Science. We work with all types of client organizations located worldwide. We are able to carry out activities that cover all aspects of analytical projects, from the analysis of business solutions to integrations and test phases; whether in iterative mode (Agile), cross-section or other types of project cycles.

  1. Business Analysis
  2. Functional Analysis
  3. Technical Development
  4. Integration & Testing
  5. Project Management


10References Worldwide
20Countries Target Market
40Industries Domains

Business Intelligence Expert Consultant with more than ten (10) years of professional experience adquired on complex analytical international projects in France, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates.

CEO’s Message

The Analytics and Data Science market has been following a growing trend for many years worldwide. The fields of IT, Business Intelligence and Data Science have been around for more than 20 years and have grown exponentially. As a provider of analytical solutions, we are led to innovate and adapt our strategy to the constant changes in the corporate world. 

Aware of the strong businesses demands about the developments of analytical solutions that enable to take fast and effective strategic decisions, the NCLS Data Solutions DMCC concept is to:

  • Implement the appropriate techniques and capabilities of the modern world to recruit certified international consultants.
  • Deliver high quality IT services and maintain a strong level of quality in the production of high-performance and innovative solutions for our global customers and partners.
  • Maintain the trust with our customers through performant services provided by our certified and experienced consultants.
  • Make the link between the businesses and the analytical engineers and build a verified trust between both parties.
  • Support our global customers on a daily basis in their digital transformation phases and their businesses data analysis strategies; reflecting on medium and long term objectives.

The quality of our services as well as the level of professionalism signed NCLS Data Solutions DMCC and highly appreciated by our customers is explained by the fact that we define precise criteria and high requirements in the acceptance of our partners and technology partners. 

The participation in most of the global technology events is also important in order to maintain existing partnerships and develop new partnerships with the most recognized analytical technology and recruitment suppliers…

Company Presentation

Founded in October 2016 and headquartered in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), we are a consulting company that provides services in Business Intelligence (Data Management, ETL Process, Report and Dynamic Data Visualization, Data Modeling, etc.), Data Science (Statistical Analysis, Estimation, Supervised & Unsupervised Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.), Recruitment and Training. Our Dubai Data Lab enable us to contract a large network of certified talents in order to stay competitive within the data analytics market and provide high-performance analytical solutions for our customers.